Who We Are

We are a recognized Process Authority with the FDA with over 28 years of experience and have assisted major food and pharmaceutical manufacturers and suppliers in engineering design and compliance with FDA guidelines.

What Our Company Does

Dover Brook Associates provides technical, regulatory and engineering support worldwide to the food and drug industries. We offer a wide range of services but our specialty is in the area of sterile processes, with an emphasis in aseptic processing/packaging and retort systems.

Our project capabilities range from regulatory assistance, engineering design and support, thermal process development, microbiological testing and product development to contract packing assistance and technical communication and training programs.

When We Started Doing What We’re Doing

Our company was started in 1988 when its founder and current president, Dr. Michael DiGeronimo, recognized there was a need for aseptic testing and processing guidance in the food, pharmaceutical and equipment manufacturing industries. What started out as a two-person operation offering essentially one service within the U.S., is now a nine-person company providing a variety of technical and science-based services both in the US and abroad.

Why We Love What We Do

No two projects are ever the same. Technologies change and bring innovative approaches to manufacturing, allowing for ongoing growth and learning opportunities, so our projects are continually exciting and challenging. But food and drug safety is always a top priority. We are passionate about the science behind product safety and equally passionate about fostering positive relationships with our customers.

How We Help Our Customers

We actively partner with our customers to successfully complete major company projects, bring safe products and manufacturing technologies to the market, obtain USFDA low acid acceptance and validate their facilities worldwide. Take a look at our Technical Services page on the website for a more detailed breakdown of the types of services and support we provide our customers.